I love you [Hanbin | B.I]

I love you [Hanbin | B.I]

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大丈夫 By daijyobu Completed

❝If everybody isn't perfect, then I've found this one guy. He have dementia.❞ 

this book is a shit full of wrong grammars. if ure allergic to grammatical errors then, i assumed u not to read. maybe i'll try to edit it someday.

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kuehwah12318 kuehwah12318 Mar 26, 2016
I just watched the ring and this is freaking me out and it midnight
namshiat namshiat Jun 02, 2016
My neighbor is like that but I was snowed in with him for like 3 days and I'm mostly the one other than his family he can remember with out screaming "RAPE"
minseul_ minseul_ Jan 21, 2016
I'm reading this in my room alone..and it's dark...really...
GetReady_Showtime GetReady_Showtime Dec 23, 2015
Author nim, For your information I'm reading this at midnight
victoriiyaa victoriiyaa Dec 04, 2015
OMG i did not expect that i would smile and cry like a crazy person to me i feel like he's a normal person.....Aish... why do i feel like this.....
XxparisJkxx XxparisJkxx Jul 04, 2015
I suddenly love this book even though you just started writing the first chapter!! Oh my hanbin oppa get well soon xx