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The Last One (h.s)

The Last One (h.s)

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Jane By namelessduong Updated Jul 01, 2016

His cold fingertips brush against my hair as he tucks  it behind my ear. His breathing is hard but he keeps it steady as he leans closer to me to whisper "No baby, I'm not addicted to drugs," he paused then placed his lips on my neck, "I'm addicted to you."

hppyworldofharryboo hppyworldofharryboo Jul 26, 2016
She's so appreciative,I would've wished for everything I ever wanted lol
maplesyrupflavourz maplesyrupflavourz Aug 19, 2016
Really great chapter, telling us enough to keep us wanting more, but not so much that we are bored already! Looks like a great story, looking forward to reading more!! :D
sarcasticharry sarcasticharry Aug 25, 2016
how do they know if it's a person or not? It could've been an accidental fire
OhThatsYoNiggq OhThatsYoNiggq Oct 23, 2016
Seriously think about all those children who died and have grown accustomed to inconsistency with their lives; bet she'll still take him back thou...