How to promote a story and have fun on Wattpad (Guide)

How to promote a story and have fun on Wattpad (Guide)

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Sam By Whisperingwater Updated Jun 29, 2015

A simple guide which includes basic HTML, that can be useful in the clubs (forum). Includes step by step, easily explained guidelines on promoting.       

NOTE - Please do NOT comment and ask me to check out your story here. Just because this guide is based on promoting, that doesn't mean you can use this to promote your stories here - in the comments.         

~~~ Please contact me via PM if you have any questions. ~~~  

 A HTML Thread is pinned up in 'The Cafe', please test the codes ONLY in that particular thread. And please do NOT test the codes in the comments because they do not work in comments, message boards and the stories.        

In the end, I created this guide with lots of research and hard work, so, please do NOT use inappropriate language or just spam my comments by saying how bad it is. And do not use this cover as your book cover because it's copyrighted.        

That's all, folks. Have fun Wattpadding!

Copyright © 2013 - 2014 Sam Ayers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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I became attracted to this book when i saw the description (HTML) I know  html a little.
You guys should have a thing were 2 accounts could clab in one book
kpop_anime_is_life kpop_anime_is_life Oct 29, 2015
I have a question. If i delete my acct, will all my previous comments get deleted?
Confused-child Confused-child Jan 20, 2015
OKAY so ive got a few question?.. How can one set up this copyright thing? I want to make sure my writings are copyrighted?
MarkWBallard MarkWBallard Nov 26, 2014
Good Job Sam! Thanks for sharing your experience.  Best wishes for every continued success!
laura_lovexx laura_lovexx Oct 22, 2014
                              Would you like to promoot my story?
                              It is Dutch and unfinished.
                              Thanks. :)