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A Lyon and Lucy Story (Fairy Tail fanfic)

A Lyon and Lucy Story (Fairy Tail fanfic)

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SшS By TateHarmon Updated Aug 16, 2015

I was in the bar of Fairy Tail drinking my regular, which was a strawberry milkshake. Ever since Lisanna came back I was just never acknowledged so I just went on solo missions while EVERYONE including Wendy totally ignored me.                                   I was so heartbroken when I saw Natsu and Lisanna kissing while other members of the guild would cheer them on. I ran out of the guild and bumped into someone. I said "sorry" and ran off not even bothering to help him. I ran off like a cheetah and ran to the lake that was in the middle of the forest.                                                                                            ??? P.O.V.               I was walking to fairy tail with a necklace that I was going to give to a special someone but on my way there someone bumped into me. She just said "sorry" and ran off how rude. All I could see was her golden hair flowing out behind her. I picked up the gift and headed inside. What I saw shattered my heart. I saw Gray kissing JUVIA!!!! I just ran out of there and walked down the street until i just happen to end up in the middle of the forest.                                                                    I heard some sniffles and sobs coming from a lake. I looked to see a beautiful angel just sitting at the edge of the lake, knees tucked in to her chest, face down and I could see her shoulders quivering.               I went to her and asked what's wrong. When she looked up I could not believe it was... Lucy?!?!               Little did he know that Lucy could be one of the most powerful wizards in centuries

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