So You Think YOU Can Have ME!?

So You Think YOU Can Have ME!?

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Fiesty Bums By Fiestybums Updated Aug 14, 2015

"No.You're lying! Th-this isn't true.Werewolves don't exist."

I could only wish for this dreaded nightmare to end but we both knew, this was far more than a nightmare.His eyes turned a blazing electric blue.That's not scientificly possible.

 Yes, it was.Yes, it is.

With lightning speed he came towards me.Caging me inbetween the wall and his muscular arms.

"Sapphire" he whispered.His nose tickling my cheek.The way my name rolled out his tongue felt oddly.....pleasurable?

"What was rule number one?" he growled.

"Ne-never look at any ma-male....except y-you." I know suttering will make me look weak in his eyes and he hates it but I couldn't presence makes me want to hide in my closet with Mr.fluffles untill I'm sure I'm safe.

"That's a very simple rule to follow isn't it Princess?" his face was in the crook of my neck.Breath tickling my skin making my breathing ragged.

"ANSWER ME!" he punched the wall again forming a hole in it.

"Ye-yes." I nodded.

"Then why were you shaking hands with that boy?" he sneered.

nickiecolesweet nickiecolesweet Aug 30, 2016
Not meaning to be rude, but you should check your spelling and/or have someone go over it for you (sorry I'm just ocd when it comes to grammar)
zimpride1 zimpride1 May 13, 2016
my god did she say A PACKET OF CHIPS Im dead,literally Im gone . gone
Angie21Dolphins Angie21Dolphins Nov 17, 2016
I 💘 it!!! It's awesome please finish it all can't wait!!! 😂💙😊
diana97ooo diana97ooo Oct 20, 2015
larry really chased them with a sledgehammer . damn :)
                              I'm still laughing :)
Ishani_14 Ishani_14 Sep 28, 2015
haha dit is een leuk boek ik ga je promoten met mijn eigen boek in het nederlands!
Denovanrechardo89 Denovanrechardo89 Sep 13, 2015
OMG! I just Burst out laughing n now my sis thinks that I'm crazy....oh well,she always knew that I was so no big deal