His Hostess (Kyoya x Reader) OHSHC

His Hostess (Kyoya x Reader) OHSHC

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LunaticSouls By LunaticSouls Updated Apr 16

Before joining Ouran you somewhat had a "good" career. Being on cheesy magazines that no one read and everyone said the magazines were BULLSHIT. You were recognizable because of the crappy magazines which eventually you regretted, but you made money from it.

Joining Ouran academy was a different journey than you were expecting. Joining a loud host club with obnoxious boys and one girl wasn't really what you were expecting. Turns out that one girl was your childhood best friend before both of your parents left this earth.

While catching up with your childhood best friend you meet the love of your life, the last person you were least expecting to be your lover, The Shadow King.

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