her last words ; lrh [ old ]

her last words ; lrh [ old ]

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the main character hannah a 15 year old girl that is a depressed and suicidal but no one knows like no one not even her mum.

she keeps a kinda diary thingy which she writes her last few words in there, you could say it's her suicidal book.

because she has really bad anxiety she can't talk to anyone about her problems.

she has a crush but sadly her crush is   is her bully luke hemmings.

hannah is bullied by luke hemmings, calum hood, michael clifford and ashton irwin.

this is hannah's story and her last words.

Zipiku Zipiku Jul 07
Haha funny you say this
                              i had this issue like 827;2897493927473929473 times
This is literally me. Same name. Depressed. Liking someone I'm not supposed to. Weir........
Heh funny, my friends and I always call each other those names but we always don't believe them. Today I said I'm as skinny as hell and my friend said that that's hilarious. I responded back saying, "Then how much do you weigh?" 
I already have major depression, so this isn't gonna hurt me
I did that too my Andy Biersack shirt and you can still see the blood
Zipiku Zipiku Jul 07
                              I AM GOING OUT WITG LUKE
                              he just doesn't know yet...