her last words ; lrh [ old ]

her last words ; lrh [ old ]

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the main character hannah a 15 year old girl that is a depressed and suicidal but no one knows like no one not even her mum.

she keeps a kinda diary thingy which she writes her last few words in there, you could say it's her suicidal book.

because she has really bad anxiety she can't talk to anyone about her problems.

she has a crush but sadly her crush is   is her bully luke hemmings.

hannah is bullied by luke hemmings, calum hood, michael clifford and ashton irwin.

this is hannah's story and her last words.

fuck-me-ash fuck-me-ash Jul 12
Woah sounds exactly like the things everyone tells me + few more painful words
Damn it why is Tiffany such a bitchy name like cmon I'm so nice tbh. lol
All these comments saying that they're gonna tell Liz are killing me 😂 There's an anti-bully coordinator in my school and her name is Liz 😂
Not being rude but did u get the name from 13 reasons why lol
KJ5678 KJ5678 Dec 09, 2016
May I have the power to murder fictional characters for a second
Zipiku Zipiku Jul 07, 2016
Haha funny you say this
                              i had this issue like 827;2897493927473929473 times