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the outcast By hemmings_fb Updated Jul 01, 2015

"Rule number one,always address me as Daddy or master until told otherwise.

Rule number two, 'yes daddy'  and 'no daddy' should be your response to my 
questions If not adressed correctly there will be spankings.

Rule number three,now speak useless told to

Rule number four you should not use my real name unless in public,

Rule Number Five,One of the most important rule. No Talking to other guys. You may have guy friends but no flirting or anything  sexual or punishment Will be granted.

Rule number six,safe word is 'light'

Rule number seven, if you ever want money,clothes or anything. You shall come to me.

 number eight,if you do something extremly bad bad unforgivable then there will be a public punishment. 

Last rule,number nine,If you do touch yourself, you will be punished" I blushed at that rule 

and nodded,taking this all in. He smiled at me "good"

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Ok I want 19 million so I can move out of this bitch and sue my parents
ImagineAsylo ImagineAsylo 5 days ago
Soon his name won’t be the only thing that’s getting ride
deborahEO deborahEO Nov 20, 2017
That's sounds so awkward tho like you're selling your daughter and he just said "I'll take her now" like you know what's about to go down
deborahEO deborahEO Nov 20, 2017
Ooooh, if your kid calls you by your first name you know you fücked up