try hard [miraxus]

try hard [miraxus]

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firdausa By naruhinac Completed

"She makes me feel like I'm trying too hard again."

Laxus Dreyar had never thought of being more than friends with Mirajane Strauss, until a little game had completely changed his view he had for the barmaid.

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YingJiang5 YingJiang5 Aug 16, 2017
By teenagers you mean adults that wouldn't confess their love to each other before it's too late?
YingJiang5 YingJiang5 Aug 16, 2017
Well,if they were somehow doing 'it' you would be scarred for life.
Midnight-Nightmare Midnight-Nightmare Mar 28, 2016
Why did this remind me of L if you know who that is you're awesome and I love you
yutta-hey yutta-hey Jan 26, 2017
I used to think out loud while taking test.
                              My teachers were so mad.
Captain_Panda Captain_Panda Nov 09, 2015
"Cana go home you're drunk"
                              "SHUT UP I'M ALWAYS DRUNK"
                              OHHHH KINANA GOT BURNED