My Abused Mate

My Abused Mate

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Megan Keiser By wolf_girl_85 Updated 3 days ago

Abused, beaten, and raped by her step father, how far will Jessica go to escape her troubled past? What will happen when her past comes back to haunt her? Will her mate be able to love, protect, and accept her?

Jessica Adams is 17. As far as she knows she's just a normal teenage girl with a haunting past and present. But that all changes when she meets Jaycen Black

Aiden Smith is 19 and Jessica's lifelong childhood best friend. Did i mention he was werewolf and an Alpha at that?

Jaycen Black is 19 and a werewolf. He also happens to be the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. And Jessica's mate.

My first story ever so sorry if it's pretty bad.

**Mature content**

She is the worst mother in the world, her mother is a bítch and deserves to die in a whole
Her mom is stupid! This is not preparing your daughter for life!!! This is abuse!!!!!
12Janessa 12Janessa Mar 17
She really thinks letting that happen is ok. She has no right to call her sweety or anything for that matter!!!!
12Janessa 12Janessa Mar 17
Wait they go to school at nine!!!! Oh My Golly. I am trasnfering to the this school weather its real or not
12Janessa 12Janessa Mar 17
Did she just did she did she just say what I think she did. Listwn here you mother sucker. If someone tries to and does abuse and rape ur child that is not preperstion for the future thats is the foundation of hatred stupidness and horrible parenting. Get yourself together!!😡😡😡
Preparing her for the new world?!?!?
                              Oooohhhhh, like I'll prepare for a world of pain?