Rileys Silence

Rileys Silence

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DancerGirl_ By DancerLegend Updated Sep 14

Riley, a traumatised girl who stopped talking at the age of 6, no one could get her to talk. Whether they bullied her, were kind to her, teased her, she has never said a word since.

Having only one friend, Michelle, she began to live with her once she became an orphan.

When a new boy comes to school, will he hate her and bully her like everyone else, or accept her for who she is

Will anyone get through to her? Or will she suffer in silence for the rest of her life?

tnsisbae tnsisbae Jul 18
Hi can you p!ease check out my first ever book @clevercupcake123 @tavharte @trevorft
KCBirkett KCBirkett Jun 21
Is that story 'Silence' by Natasha Preston? If so I absolutely love that book! It's honestly my favourite book of all time!
trevorft trevorft Oct 17, 2015
Oooo in interested to see if anyone can make her talk  *hint* *hint* James ;)