The Silent Storm.

The Silent Storm.

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❌Sasha❌ By Saslious Updated Nov 11

He's ruthless.
He's powerful.
He's demanding.
He's in pain.

Twenty-six year old African-American journalist Victoria Browning wants to get away from it all. Her bossy mother, her jealous older sister, and her demanding job to have some type of relief. One problem. Victoria is incredibly shy and quiet and keeps to herself. While on a dream vacation to Rome she accidentally witnesses a murder and is...well kidnapped by the mafia boss himself. 

She's shy.
She's passive.
She's smart.
She's beautiful.

Twenty-nine year old Italian Mob boss Lorenzo Catalona lives up to his reputation. Being one of the most wealthiest men in Europe he doesn't trust people so easily. On the outside he seems like the most intimidating hard nut shell who shows no mercy but little does every know that he's broken. From past loves who left him to become such a ruthless beast that no one can tame. 

On a rainy night while handling 'business' something extraordinary changes his life....that is Victoria.

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bbbyygg bbbyygg Jun 23
My asss would cough then just look at her shaking my shaking my head and every time Ima see her Ima just shake my head 😭😭💀
If its not for the money (work), a dick appointment, or food. Im late!!!
Nesha2017_ Nesha2017_ Nov 23
Freaking same i sweat so easily my dad freaking cursed me 😂
Am always late my hair always a problem.... and I take long in the shower..