Thugged Out 2: The World Is Yours

Thugged Out 2: The World Is Yours

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Coexisting & Taking Yo Hoe ✌ By eriee_ Completed


"It seems like yesterday that I was nothing. Then all of a sudden I'm a volcanic eruption. Then all of a sudden it's like spontaneous combustion. And I'm all up in your face, yelling "Bitch, you can't tell me nothing." Cause I came from the bottom,now everybody's watching. I said it was my time, now I'm who everybody's clocking." - Angel Haze


"I'm proud of you." my big sister, Jessica says, fixing my bow tie. A lot changed over the years. For one, all of us moved back to California after all the drama. Today's my graduation from high school, and tomorrow will be my eighteenth birthday. 

"Thanks. Please, do not start crying." I say, growing annoyed. She has tears rolling  down her face and everything. "I'm not crying... I'm just so proud of you." she mumbles. "My God, Jessica, you are twenty six years old and you still cry more than any three year old on earth." I say.

She pushes me. "Shut up. I hope you tr...

This makes me sad especially when I'm finna graduate in two years
Asvpnae Asvpnae 7 days ago
Bitch please. You didn't even thanked in the speech hoe. You ain't that damn important.
He ain't yo daddy but where yo daddy at tho no where in sight
Asvpnae Asvpnae 7 days ago
Pipe dine hoe. *Aside to Darius* Why you fuckin with dumb hoes?
ssayree ssayree Nov 26
Montana know that his baby ☠️ he know he busted up in her Pussy tf tf tf Ant gonna be booty hurt again
Asvpnae Asvpnae 7 days ago
This nigga came to the graduation dressed like A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK?