Why Me || E.D

Why Me || E.D

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"Do you trust me?"

"I do." I laughed, blushing.

lots of crying from this emotionally HORMONAL ASS TEENAGER dead ahead. I already warned you so please don't comment the obvious..

and yes, it's Jack Dail

    janelliekh janelliekh Jun 29
    Wait who's pov is this?? Is Jack a boy or girl? I'm so confused
    WoahItzJulie WoahItzJulie 7 days ago
    My mom would whoop me into a sushi roll if i ever even think about going
    Gurl or mum should be happy that a boy likes u cause mean while I'm here with no boyfriend cause no boys even hang out with me let alone like me
    doodlies doodlies Jul 16
    I thought she said "I went to the bathroom. Is there any tissue?"
    My mom would be like "as long as you pick up your phone if I call you your good to go "☺️
    like i dont get this y have a baby if you arnt gonna care for them when they get older like you gave birth to it now look after it