Brotherhood of Cain (Werewolf/Mafia) (#Wattys2016)

Brotherhood of Cain (Werewolf/Mafia) (#Wattys2016)

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"Welcome to Citadel, a town full of monsters and meth!"

    As a notorious career criminal and the Alpha of Brotherhood of Cain, Draven Cain, is used to controlling everything. He knows exactly what happens in the cutthroat slums of Citadel: every gruesome death, every planned heist, and every one of the cities power players. However, what he didn't know, is that the one time he decides to be a good guy and saves a seemingly distressed damsel, his carefully calculated life goes straight to hell. And damned if he doesn't enjoy it.

  Ethel Pennington is not used to scarred werewolves with homicidal tendencies and elite drug rings. Though with the way she strolls around, you thought she would. But when her deeply ingrained past comes back in the form of a bloodthirsty cult, there may be only one person who can save her: Draven Cain. Too bad he has no intention of letting the brunette spitfire go.

First book - COMPLETE
Second book - ONGOING w/ updates every week

He was good in 'Wolves', so very fine in that with his eyes so silvery Gray an all🎆"Q body shiver" 😍😘💞
cutie1069 cutie1069 Sep 10, 2016
😂😂😂😂😂  dude feed him to the mutt.. he must be hungry
Kay328 Kay328 Nov 06, 2016
Right now im just like damn i can't believe that just happened
SirBubbles24 SirBubbles24 Sep 21, 2016
Love this, gosh😂! Hes like NOW i have to go dispose the body ugh
Will you ever think about writing another story? No pressure at all, I just love your writing! I've read this story twice and recommended it to all my friends, and in the particularly swell parts, I've screenshot for later. I just love you bunches! Keep on keeping on!❤
Clarke_XX Clarke_XX Dec 04, 2016
This is so gripping. I found out about it through a book that recommends werewolf books. Everything the author said was 100% write. I have a feeling I will be reading this book all through the night 😍