Mesmerizing Mr. Mafia

Mesmerizing Mr. Mafia

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StarsDance1989 By StarsDance1989 Updated Jan 30

Chloe Cruise, the daughter of multimillionaire and business extraordinaire Austin Cruise, is set to take her father's place at a charity event in the Hamptons when everything goes downhill. 

Upon arriving, she meets older sister Sienna's new beau, less then impressed with how her sister is turning out because of him. Always classy, never trashy is her motto. Sometimes the saying doesn't apply to everyone though. 

Things only get worse as the charity event is crashed by two attractive, angry mobsters bearing guns. They demand Chloe go with them, but what do they want with her? 

Well with money, and Chloe is money, comes great power. Who doesn't want power?

galaxy_coolkid galaxy_coolkid Dec 08, 2016
i like how your getting kidnapped and you know exactly what car model it is
Kenyattalynette Kenyattalynette Dec 31, 2016
I would've grabbed his hand and still shook it like "it was nice to meet you too tf"
RandomgirlPrada RandomgirlPrada Dec 07, 2016
Guys everytime it's not realistic the girl is always not scared, but whatever you say now if"you" where kidnapped You would be begging to
97sheri 97sheri Jan 17
I cant believe im re reading this knowing i know all of em by heart ❤️ i lv this
Nori_aa Nori_aa Dec 01, 2016
This guy in my class that I hate is called Angelo, now I'm gonna be picturing his ugly face. 😑😬😬
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Dec 19, 2016
Angelo mi amigo!!! Wazup up? Eh suck it up buttercup, u did say u were expecting this so plz don't cry. But hey!!! At least they didn't make a big show outta this like other ppl in stories do when they kidnap a person.... oh wait..... He said MAYBE to the MONEY!!! What else does he have in mind?