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Meet Percabeth

Meet Percabeth

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(●´・ω・)ノ By XxpoisonIVYsaurxX Updated Aug 19, 2015

This is just going to be a bunch of one-shots of mortals, demigods, and maybe the gods meeting the one and only PERCABETH.
There may also be some one-shots of Percabeth moments.

Note: I do not own any of the PJO/HoO characters, Rick Riordan does. 

But the mortals and demigods are just random names I thought of and if that name is yours please don't be offended. 

Also if you are reading this fanfic, I am assuming you already know what PJO and HoO stands for and what Percabeth is BUT if you don't then this book may not make that much sense/not be that interesting.

I hope you enjoy this fanfic because it is also one of my first ones ever.❤❤❤

ALSO, the cover is temporary, I am still trying to get/maybe draw/find the perfect picture.

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                              How many scrubs are reading this.
Oh, really? Where? I don't see anyone but Percy and Annabeth
I'm picturing leo in the back just like
                              "-well this bish gonna die"
And im like I'll take care of her for you you two get your percabeth on * throws her off a cliff and screams die bitch!!!
oh lets see why !?! hmm , maybe because he DOESNT LIKE you and he has a GIRLFRIEND. so take 564446646468 steps back ,hon!
ah , stupidity always destroys one's mind. i just want to say YOU ARE NOT HIS BEST FRIEND!!! are you grover ?? NO! are you one of the seven ?? NO !! so suck it up. sorry . they think i am crazy , they just don't know that i am a fan girl . main personallity of a fangirl : craziness . !!!