Meet Percabeth

Meet Percabeth

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(●´・ω・)ノ By XxpoisonIVYsaurxX Updated Aug 19, 2015

This is just going to be a bunch of one-shots of mortals, demigods, and maybe the gods meeting the one and only PERCABETH.
There may also be some one-shots of Percabeth moments.

Note: I do not own any of the PJO/HoO characters, Rick Riordan does. 

But the mortals and demigods are just random names I thought of and if that name is yours please don't be offended. 

Also if you are reading this fanfic, I am assuming you already know what PJO and HoO stands for and what Percabeth is BUT if you don't then this book may not make that much sense/not be that interesting.

I hope you enjoy this fanfic because it is also one of my first ones ever.❤❤❤

ALSO, the cover is temporary, I am still trying to get/maybe draw/find the perfect picture.

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Sarcastic12life Sarcastic12life Dec 27, 2017
You just called her gorgeous, and your saying your prettier?
CatDaughterOfNeptune CatDaughterOfNeptune Oct 19, 2017
Spyder! Get it?? Cuz Athena??? Spyder=Spider? No? Okay bAi.....
WinterFrost250 WinterFrost250 Oct 17, 2017
He maybe would like just talk to her in a low and scarily calm manner. Like:
                              "Don't. talk. to. my. girl friend. like. that."
Actually, his hair colour is raven, but you wouldn’t know that because you don’t pay close enough attention. Stupid mortal
QueenMimi_Weasley QueenMimi_Weasley Nov 12, 2017
I’m sorry, I just hate the mortals that think Percy only has one best friend, and that it’s them...🙄
UponUsOnce UponUsOnce Jan 28
People! They never said they were Percy’s best friend, they said Percy was their best friend. You can see someone as your best friend and them only see you as a regular friend