The Twin's Little Sister

The Twin's Little Sister

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malfoy By ayeealondraa Updated Oct 04, 2016

Ivy, is the twin's little sister. Ivy has seen hell and back with her two other twin brothers, Aiden & Ethan. But the sudden death of one of her brothers, Aiden had the most impact on both her and Ethan. Causing the two of them to leave Beacon Hills with the thought of never coming back. 

But that soon changed when Ethan sends her back to Beacon Hills for her own safety. But things in Beacon Hills aren't the same after she left. It's a whole new ballgame. 

With a new beta running around town and also berserkers being controlled by Kate Argent. What could possibly happened next? 

Ivy soon catches the eyes of Liam Dunbar. But could anything happen between the newly bitten beta and Ivy??? Could Ivy & Liam survive this huge mess???

•cover temple made by @THEICEWOLVES •

SaskiaChandranathan SaskiaChandranathan Aug 11, 2016
I get that this is a werewolf book but they don't get bitten... its passed on by generation so for that I cannot read this :)
JessicaLord4 JessicaLord4 Nov 04, 2016
V BM MN I.   bBf. B.           luyl b mg v   f lkyllkllullllyllkulukluiuuibbb
ayeealondraa ayeealondraa Jul 08, 2015
Lmfao. He won't be kind & sweet for long *insert evil laugh here*
whiteoakstump whiteoakstump Jul 08, 2015
Whaaaaa Peter hale being kind and sweet. 
                              Everyone go hide the world is ending