Brallon 30 Day Smut Challenge

Brallon 30 Day Smut Challenge

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1. Cuddles (naked)

2. Kiss (Naked)

3. First Time 

4. Masturbation

5. Blowjob

6. Clothed getting off

7. Dressed/Naked (Half dressed)

8. Skype Sex

9. Against the wall

10. Doggy Style

11. Dom/Sub (50 shades of Stump... or Wentz depending on what I write.) < just realized I never deleted that last part.. yeah that's from my Peterick one and I was too lazy to delete it xD

12. Fingering 

13. Rimming 

14. 69 

15. Sweet & Passionate

16. Public Place 

17. On The Floor

18. Morning Lazy Sex

19. Outdoors

20. Your Own Kink

21.Shower Sex

22. On a desk

23. New Position

24. Shy

25. Toys (Oh, great)

26. Boring Sex 

27. Rough

28. Roleplaying

29. Food (WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN FUCKING WAITING FOR!) (I mean... what?)

30. Open Choice (Heheh. Open)

faithlesseggbiscuit faithlesseggbiscuit Dec 22, 2016
wait seriously? do like... regular friends cuddle naked? am I missing out on something here like how could he not tell
ICantFindMyDads ICantFindMyDads Dec 12, 2016
Now i dont cry i craft, two british boys taught me how, so now i dont cry i craft.
killjoy_hf killjoy_hf a day ago
Yea cuz cuddling naked with your "just friend" is super normal
doordydoor1234 doordydoor1234 Nov 18, 2016
Dallon if you keep rolling your eyes there gonna get stuck like that
cheesewizzz cheesewizzz Oct 16, 2016
"I don't even know. I just wanted to be able to put milk up someone's aśs"
Aluv967 Aluv967 Jan 17
Oh yes, I love to just cuddle my best friends while naked. Ya know, just for some healthy and platonic shits and giggles.