REWRITING! Brother, My Brother » ohshc | k.hitachiin

REWRITING! Brother, My Brother » ohshc | k.hitachiin

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✧1st place in OuranWattys 2016 Winter Watty Awards (other category)✧

❝You only see the flaws in yourself; and thus, never even noticing the flaws in others.❞

After his mother's death, Yuukou de Grantaine is forced to move to Japan and live with his older brother, Tamaki Suoh. A lot has changed in the three years since the two had last seen each other, although Tamaki seems to be oblivious to that fact and jumps right back into the relationship they had. But Yuukou isn't exactly willing to let his brother see the disgrace he believes he's become, so everything is bottled once again. 

But with the help of some new friends, and a few possible love interests too, maybe he can put the pieces back together and finally let Tamaki see the completed puzzle he was hiding for so long.

an Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction | MorixOCxKaoru (boyxboy)


Trigger warning.

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is this how mori will look like the whole time? bc im cool with that
NightcoreloverUltra NightcoreloverUltra Aug 10, 2017
Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun/My Little Monster was an awesome anime
Ecilawonder Ecilawonder Mar 31, 2017
...Did anyone else get a chill, because I got a chill. Please tell me someone else got a chill. ANYBODY!!!!! For the sake of my sanity, please say someone else did too.