The not so "Nerdy" nerd (NaLu)

The not so "Nerdy" nerd (NaLu)

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Natsu Dragneel is the smartest student in Fairy Tail Academy and considered the top in all Fiore. He is known for being shy, quite and mostly 'Nerdy'. He is known as 'Nerdy' by his fellow student's for he wears a checkered sweater vest, glasses and spends his free time in the school library. But no one knows  his life outside school.

Lucy Heartfilia a very social, book loving, beautiful and quite popular girl crosses paths with him and caches her interest for she feels that 'he's a book that's yet to be opened'. One day she decides to follow him after school and see what he's like. 

What happens when she discovers that he's not the nerd that everybody thinks he is? Will he open up to her? Will they start a friendship that will grow into something else?

Find out here.MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Kawaii_Curls Kawaii_Curls Sep 10, 2017
It's my native language too but only speak it when I'm around my grandma
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My native language is Korean. But I suck at writing it 😂😂
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I can speak native emoji :  👩🏻👏🏻👍🏻🌮🏘
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Yay!!! I'm re-reading your book for like the 3rd time now!!! 😂😂
Rock_Serenade_07 Rock_Serenade_07 Jan 25, 2016
Wow!! dis story's very very nice!!!!
                              hope i can make one like that too!!!:D
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