The Bloody Wolf (A Naruto Fanfic)

The Bloody Wolf (A Naruto Fanfic)

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I litteraly just realized that this OC of mine is an Mary-Sue. Dangit 

Name- Akane Ookami Chi

Clan- Chi (Blood)

Kekkei Genkai- Dāku ketsueki-me

Uses- Stage 1- Can tell what kind of Kekkei Genkai and Chakra a shinobi or person has. Stage 2- Can do the same thing that Stage 1 can do and copy Jutsus, Chakra Natures,and Kekkei Genkais. Stage 3- Can control the blood flow of a person which also allows the user to kill the being that is being controlled. It can still do what the past stages can do. Stage 4- The final stage which can still do what the past stages can do but can control chakra around the user and can gather chakra from trees and anything that is pretty much living. Also, it can regenerate the user continuously without using chakra. This stage, unlike the other stages, doesn't need chakra . Only those who have very, very large chakra reserves can activate the fourth stage.

Chakra Natures- Fire Release, Wind Release, Water Release, Light Release, Dark Release, Light dark R...

jadequeen99088 jadequeen99088 7 days ago
damn 65 tails welp when she transforms someone is going to have tails EVERYWHERE o-o meh as long as it doesn't shed thats what will piss me off.
caitycat788 caitycat788 Nov 15
Am I the only one who thinks the character" & "looks like a man butt scooting?
hajo1006 hajo1006 Jun 15
Thats mine too, unless its a number between 1 and 100, then its 57
KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Oct 24
Ha. First page of the bingo book and still required to go to the academy, sigh
If this story is good then who cares if it is a Mary Sue, though if she is too Mary Sue I will get bored ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍