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It's A Monk Thing (Danny Rand/Iron Fist x Reader) Ultimate Spiderman Fanfic

It's A Monk Thing (Danny Rand/Iron Fist x Reader) Ultimate Spiderman Fanfic

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Just call me Jinx By VeeIs4Valence Updated Dec 07, 2015

Okay, me out of anybody sure knows teenage life isn't a cakewalk down Central Park. Puh-lease! Climbing the social ladder, balancing friendships, the pressure to get a boyfriend is insane. Slap that on top of schoolwork and my guitar practice, it's an endless struggle of balance. But that's not even the worst bit! Ugh, new city too, which means a whole new butt load of cocky super teens to hide from. You see, I have super awesome, butt kickin' powers that help me whoop the tail off of bad guys. But now I've attracted the attention from SHIELD and they want me on their lame team of Boy Scouts. Of course I refused, but SHIELD can have its cake and eat it too, so now I'm roped in with these losers. And yet, the friends I get and trust I earn lets me slip into their gang with some positive attention focused on me. And I don't mind one bit.

GumiHearts GumiHearts May 09
Devil's Angel? Jinx Danger New Castle? Two toned eyes? Kill it with fire before it can lay eggs! Also this is a x OC, not a x Reader, I can't project myself onto something already made, now can I?
Trazhh Trazhh Jun 21
Rats nest, birds nest, crows nest... what's next, cows best?
akwardghost akwardghost Mar 20
Hey what's Hawkeyes sheiks made out of
                              Quick silver 
                              You can kill me now
melina_p_00 melina_p_00 Sep 17, 2016
The underwear thing is a monk thing. The humour thing is a batman thing. That's all for tonight people😛
SindrianMagi SindrianMagi Jul 18, 2016
AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER! I loved that series sooooo much!!
Kiyo_Mizuki Kiyo_Mizuki Jul 09, 2016
I thought this was an x reader? I guess not. Still a good story though. I like it