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book two: trapped || sword art online

book two: trapped || sword art online

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i have a thing for thicc thighs By FrogTwinTopMagician Updated Jun 01

With Kirito beating Heathcliff, a.k.a Kayaba Akihiko (who was also Ume's uncle), everyone was released from the game. But alas, that isn't where the story ends.
  Kirito and Asuna meet together in real life, happy as can be, only to find out three hundred players have yet to awaken from their slumber. Asuna leads Kirito to Ume's family's hospital and asked to see her. 
  When they reach her, they expect her to be awake and send a sarcastic remark for not knocking, but instead, she is still unconscious and shows no signs of waking up soon.
  Everyday, they visit her, or Evey few days, but still she lays there, unmoving. Then, Kirito gets an email from Agil with a picture, and in it was of a girl with snow white hair and icy blue eyes and wings made of crystal.
  Kirito tells Asuna to wait for him, that he'll save Ume, and return.
  But what are these feelings that he thought he only felt for Asuna?
  I do not own any characters except for my OCs
  [slight mature content but not enough to make story mature; mature scenes are very short and not too bad]

When i hear titania i remember erza from fairy tail and my classmates.........they call me titania..
realKrampus realKrampus Jun 03, 2016
*sakura squeal* IT'S HERE!! I'M SO EXCITED!! *deep breath* I'm okay, but I'm still excited
LeilaniMonster LeilaniMonster Nov 29, 2016
WHAT??????!!!!!! I'M SORRY but titania means queen of the fairies
_too_awkward_ _too_awkward_ May 14, 2016
UPDATE PLZ I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!