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I'm a freak who talks to animals, i'm new, and i'm a mate to a werewolf? WHAT?

I'm a freak who talks to animals, i'm new, and i'm a mate to a werewolf? WHAT?

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Lyric By musicwolf19 Updated Sep 14, 2010

Amy Animal is a special girl. She can talk to animals. She has a pittbull named Jack, a hawk named Jeremy, and a burmese python named Damen. She is considered a freak for being a loner, emo, but they wouldn't dare mess with her since she's a badass who everyone fears. She loves her animals, their her only family. She is a orphane who lives at an orphange with a bad past. Everyones afraid to adopt her because of her animals. She doesn't care though cause she wouldn't give them up no matter what. She loves animals, nature, the night, drawing, singing, and baseball. She wants a family though. Even though if she doesn't vare, she still wants one that would accept her. She wonders if that'll day will come. It's closer than she thought.

Kody Smith is a werewolf. He's the Alpha's son who has it all. The money, the popularity, the family, and the most awesome best friend. He's happy with his life mostly, except somethings missing. A mate. Even though he can any girl he wants, he wants his mate, on the weekends, his best friend who is basically his brother, Cale, go to other packs and try to find his mate. He looks in the malls, the movies, and parks to see if his mate is human, but he still hasn't found her yet. He doesn't think he ever will... untill Amy comes along.

Cliche-Is-My-Name Cliche-Is-My-Name Sep 26, 2016
Literally the same boring description for all the main characters. Main girl is perfect and gorgeous, main guy is tan with big muscles and black hair, over 6 feet tall of course, and who could forget the title that tells the entire plot of this "original" plot line.
IdreesHamid IdreesHamid Oct 06, 2014
need to continue i only read the description and i was hooked ;)
wolfmaster1700 wolfmaster1700 Sep 10, 2014
Love this book it is greet and I love the snake sooooooo much
bluerose131 bluerose131 Mar 09, 2014
I love it so far im an anial freak im only on chaptor tow and I llve it
puppies24688642 puppies24688642 Oct 16, 2013
omg ive always wanted tk be able to talk to animals like that so this is better than a real book!
wolfchick17 wolfchick17 Sep 04, 2013
i love this story!! but what happens next in the story?? please keep up your hard work