Hidden Abuse. {LARRY AU}

Hidden Abuse. {LARRY AU}

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"So Harry, The world knows you as a flirt, is that true?" The reporter, who was wearing more makeup than clothes asked me. C'mon Harry, you gotta play the part.

"Yeah," I say with a smirk. She winks at me then turns to Louis to ask him questions. I sigh quietly and ruffle my hands through my curls, wincing slightly at the sharp pain in my side. It happened this morning. Nobody knows. Not even the other boys know. What you may ask? What Louis does to me.

"Harry?" I hear Niall's accent ask, bringing me from my thoughts. I just hum in response, not feeling like talking.

"The interview just ended Harry, come on," Louis said, trying to sound brotherly in front of the other boys. I just nod and get up.

When we got out of the studio there were fans everywhere. screaming things like "LOUIS I LIKE CARROTS!" or "HARRY HARRY! GIMME YOUR GRAVY," I just chuckled slightly.

Once we were safe in the limo, Liam spoke, "So we are all going to our flats then we're meeting up at Nandos right...

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