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Sex Slave

Sex Slave

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~♥Swagga Jagga♥~ By Mindless_Luver Updated Jul 22, 2016

     I remember that moment vividly when it happened. Just yesterday as I had came home from school. My body was aching from all the work and it was hard for me to trudge up the final steps.

     I open the door silently and see that the lights were turned off. I blink a few times and try to feel my way towards the light switch. Flicking the lights on I could hear faint whispering.

     I bite my bottom lip nervously as I cautiously walk towards the sound.

     If anybody was here why didn't anybody say anything when I walked in? In anybody was here why did they keep the lights on? What kind of sick joke is this!

     I sigh as silently as possible and peek my way into the living room, where I saw my father, step mother, and four other boys sitting.

     My eyebrows rise as I notice my father's posture instantly straighten up at my presence. The boys' eyes drift onto me and they all smile widely.

     What in the world was going on?

     Taking a small step into the room I stop ...

rockeystatue rockeystatue 4 days ago
Go look at my master book!! I need a master soon. Punish me hard master
Anyone notice that these are the people from mindless behavior.
Mindless_Luver Mindless_Luver Jul 09, 2013
@sweet_keshh And they won't be the bad guys after this. Now that Tré is here it'll revolve around love between Prince and Tré
Mindless_Luver Mindless_Luver Jul 09, 2013
@sweet_keshh MB is an AWESOME band I know. But this was just an idea I had and I wanted Prince to be in it so I made it like that. Its a story so I apologise if I offended you
sweet_keshh sweet_keshh Jul 09, 2013
why use mindless behavior as the bad guys I think u should use differenr names and different ppl
Mindless_Luver Mindless_Luver Mar 03, 2013
@PrinceyyLover They look similar but Prince knows how to WORK it xD