The Blood Dragon (a Highschool DxD fanfic)

The Blood Dragon (a Highschool DxD fanfic)

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Kommando293 By Kommando293 Completed

A few months since the fight within the Dimensional Gap, Issei and Rias Grenmory find out that someone has been slaughtering Stray Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, and more in brutal fashions all around their town and they are sent to find out the cause of the disturbance.

That's when they find the Devil Angel, a being made of a union of a Devil called a Blood Drinker and Angel called a War Knight, bonded by a human body. An abomination by Devil, Angel, and Fallen standards.

But, when Azul asks them to take the Devil Angel in, Issei and the rest of Grenmory must learn how to cope with the boy as they fight off a sudden attack by Magicians and others who want Chaos.

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I do not own the Highscool DxD series and only meant this to be a story.

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Julianose Julianose Nov 05, 2017
When Kommando said mistress, did anyone else hear a whip crack?
NuoNites NuoNites Nov 13, 2017
I imagine the devil wings would have grown in a way weaving them selves into the angel ones looking bony at the top with spines going down the middle and each space between the spines filled with white feathers that are black at the base slowly fading into the white.
DragonSkullz DragonSkullz Jul 15, 2017
what the hell is this story about... well at least i am hooked
Kommando293 Kommando293 Nov 13, 2017
If only I had a picture to see this cause it sounded a lot cooler than my simple angel wings of black and white checkerboard XD
Tsubaki_83 Tsubaki_83 Jul 26, 2016
Shouldn't it be black feathers? Stray angels are technically fallen angels
- - Sep 13, 2015
Stray Angels are most likely fallens buuut its really good though I like it just make the chapters longer