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Popsicle By tybreunna Updated Jun 21, 2016

I push past the freshman students that stood in the hallway of Central High as the late bell rung over my head. It was more crowded than usual since a fight just eneded and everyone was hype watching the videos that they recorded. 

I'm a junior but in order to get to my class I had to walk through the Freshmen academy. 

Freshmen at this school were bad as hell. They tried entirely too hard to be like some of the upper class students. 

"Excuse you , Damn" A girl who looked to be 14 or 15 said rolling her eyes as I accidentally bumped into her. 

I ignored her and continued my trek to class. I slipped a piece of my hair behind my ear as I turned the last corner. I sped walked down the halway that led to my classroom.

As soon as I approached the open door it shut in my face. 

I sighed already knowing the drill. 

"Do you have a pass Ms. Ewing?" Mr. Callow, my Spanish teacher said to me through the window of the door. 

"No. Do I ever have one?" I replied readjusting the books in my a...

riyah98 riyah98 Jun 08
I remember me and my daddy got into it 😩 I changed his name in my phone too " the Nigga who dick I came out of 🙄🙄🙄 " I was salty asl 😂
I don't really get in trouble. Well not enough to get the principal involved
raynawaters raynawaters Jul 28
When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no, what do you mean? (What you mean, bitch?)me and my bf lit remix
Nah we would be fighting, announce it to "YALL BOUT TO SEE ANOTHER FIGHT"
It aint een matter cuss it aint like she liked ya ass anyway💀
riyah98 riyah98 Jun 08
I swear my 5th bell teacher be ALL TYPES OF BITCHES FOR THIS 🙄