The One | Slowly editing |

The One | Slowly editing |

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♕ r ì l e ÿ ♕ By Riley_1994 Completed

"Do you love me?" I asked him. My eyes looked into his desperately waiting for a response. 

"More than I have loved anyone in my life." His breath hitches. 

"Then stay with me. Don't leave." I beg, my hands cup his face. 

"But your father-" 

"Screw my father."

wattypaddyf wattypaddyf May 03, 2016
Once again Anastasia just won't fight for Justin,and allows her dad to drag her away...
sweetboyJB sweetboyJB Dec 30, 2016
How is he almost 23 like I swear he's only been 22 for like 3 months, wtf 😭😭😭
bieberaid bieberaid May 20, 2016
When you speak French so Spanish isn't that hard to comprehend
bizzlesmilez bizzlesmilez May 14, 2016
I thought they were in bed and it was gonna be all cute like aw good morning bby but ok
EmmaRose30394 EmmaRose30394 Jun 11, 2016
It means "I can be happy with you or without you. If you stop teasing me.."
drewsmiles drewsmiles Jul 11, 2016
Never forgive a guy who cheats one time, he would do it again anyway