Alone... A Bad Boy and His Kitten

Alone... A Bad Boy and His Kitten

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Julesz By nobella Updated Oct 04, 2016


"Im serious kitten. No one believes me."

I got angry. "So you told everyone that you stole her innocence, laughed at her, treated her like shit and now  you're here pitying yourself."

He got angry. "Hails the story isn't true. I didn't do it."

A moment of silence. We were both staring at each other trying to read each other. 

I finally spoke up. "Dont call me Hails."

He looked confused but then he smirked. "Ok kitten it is."

I grew angrier. "No not kitten. HAILEY. That is my name and that is what you will call me. I am not your pet to call me kitten and you dont deserve to call me Hails. GOT IT?!"

He was shocked by my outburst but then he smiled. Not a smirk but a real smile. "Ok Hailey, I just wanted to tell you thank you know Friday."

"Yeah yeah  no problem. "

I was about to walk away but then he turned his back and was cursing himself.
I had 2 choices: pretend to not see him and walk away or... well lets just say I did something reckless and stupid. 

I walked up to him and hugged him from behind. He was definitely not expecting that and he was stiff. 

A second later he loosened up and turned around and hugged me the proper way. He hugged me TIGHTLY. So tight I couldn't escape even if I wanted too. Honestly, I didn't want too. 

I know this is weird and all but that hug was real and full of emotion if that makes any sense. I felt his sadness through it. 

I decided to break the silence and whispered, "Why me?"

He whispered back, "Why you what?"

"Why did you decide to tell me?"

"Because you're the only girl who doesn't giggle every time I speak."

We both chuckled. We were still hugging mind you. 

"Hailey, I'm sorry I just feel so... so..."

He couldn't find the right word but I knew it. 

I finished for him. "Alone."

He moved just enough to look into my eyes. He was still holding me. His eyes were unreadable. 
I got scared, thinking I said or did something wrong. 

But then he smiled. "Yeah...alone."

sup_guys_aloha sup_guys_aloha Dec 30, 2016
Zayn is a solo artist. Louis and Niall have released their own songs. I'm over here like Liam and Harry where u at?
SydneyMullen SydneyMullen Feb 24, 2016
I just Nouri Ed yesterday that the first letter of my whole name is the same as Louis', Zayn's, Liam's, and Harry's first letter of their last name Sydney Taylor Piper Mullen s for styles t for Tomlinson p for Payne and m for Malik lol
Sajjal213 Sajjal213 Jan 17
IS IT JUST ME OR IS HEARING HARRYS MORNING VOICE THE HOTTEST THING EVER ALSO.. not that I'm complaining but Liam you went out in public shirtless
sobersuicidalist sobersuicidalist Mar 28, 2016
Cool lets be friends my outfit consists of sweats a hoodie and I also have a favourite pair of (extremely) worn out converse
QweenAsf QweenAsf Jun 20, 2016
they always wear the same outfits in every story ive read and it's getting annoying
Cliquet_Reine Cliquet_Reine Apr 05, 2016
Name: Parker
                              Description: tall, skinny, brown hair, glasses
                              -_- This bitch lowkey Spider-Man -_-