She's My One and Only (GirlxGirl) [Unedited]

She's My One and Only (GirlxGirl) [Unedited]

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Saavy Montana By fallingvp_ Completed

"I cant Mercy I have a boyfriend."

"I am your mate Sade how are you picking him over me?"

"The same way you picked Beau over me."

I turned around walking away from her tears dearing to fall and my heart lurching .

~Sade and Mercy are in two diffrent food chains of school. Mercy hangs high on the popularity food chain while Sade hangs just below on the delinquents food chain. Miss.Popularity and Miss.Delinquent arent people that should be so close they never get along. Sade and Mercy are the opposites of that they get along as for the opposites group of friends not so much. For that reason alone Sade is rejected and when Mr.Alpha Mercy's boyfriend finds his mate she is long forgotten. Mercy tries to get Sade back but shes to hurt and pushes her away.

Through her pleading for Sade Mercy let something slip , theres more to why she rejected Sade and even more to why she needs her back.Is the truth going to be to much to handle?

Dilemma9817 Dilemma9817 May 22, 2016
But she rejected her doesn't that mean she didn't have feelings towards her
Saraycastro Saraycastro Jun 02, 2016
🎶🎶Mercyyyyy... whyyy donttt youuu releaseee meee🎶🎶🎶
MyChemicalDisco21 MyChemicalDisco21 Apr 04, 2016
I don't get this.. She rejected her but yet she has a mate? I'm so confused.. Help? Please?
Tobin_H Tobin_H May 23, 2015
Why the hell did she kiss her than? i just don't understand. 
GenderNoMatter GenderNoMatter Oct 07, 2014
@kylesetacarra don't you know im human too-oo-ooo....sorry I had to