Welcome To Arkham (2nd Part To 'Lovely Scars')

Welcome To Arkham (2nd Part To 'Lovely Scars')

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Be Fearless... 😎 By Kaylakuy Updated Aug 04, 2016

After the events that recently occurred, Bella is sent to Arkham Asylum. 

First for therapy. Then to stay. 

No one understands why she loves a man that has caused so much damage. Bella herself sometimes wonders why she does. 

But she sees his smile, hears his laugh, and knows why. 

Everyone looks at her like she's crazy now. Expect for her new friends in Arkham. 

Let's see what kind of chaos they will cause....

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jbash2005 jbash2005 Apr 18, 2017
Well yeah! She's insane! So what!? Has she at all committed any crimes? No, so there for she deserves no punishment!
DanielittaKompus DanielittaKompus Aug 18, 2016
Okay i can already tell this aint gonna be good😂 something's about to happen😈
x3Whatsernamex3 x3Whatsernamex3 Feb 23, 2016
normal people scare me. (if you get that reference I'll love you forever.)
twicedirection twicedirection Nov 22, 2015
The normals they make afraid, the crazies they make me feel sane.
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Oct 09, 2015
Normal is a setting on a washing machine.
                              No one wants to be that.
leigh9917 leigh9917 Jul 20, 2015
so I liked your other story and then found lovely scars and realized it was by you too and was like "damnnnnn this chick has mad talent!" lol. its 3:10 and I can't put my phone down! keep up the amazing work loving all your stuff!!