Can Something Shattered  Ever Truly Be Fixed

Can Something Shattered Ever Truly Be Fixed

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Resonance15 By Resonance15 Updated Jul 26, 2016

Naruto is 14 when he was framed for the rape of Sakura Haruno. Betrayed by almost all of his friends and so called family Naruto is placed in the Konoha jail where he is tortured for years.  When Naruto is proven innocent at 17 can his true friends heal his shattered mind and heart with the help of Konoha or not

  • angst
  • attemptedsuicide
  • comfort
  • hurt
  • naruto
  • notdescribedbutstillthere
AnimeOTPSbruh AnimeOTPSbruh Apr 30, 2017
Where exactly can I find that sunawhich? It sounds delicious af
Elements1999 Elements1999 May 24, 2016
And to reach name I said "Hell yeah!" because those ate the only ones that should believe him... and the Ichirakus...
ColdScarletNight ColdScarletNight Dec 19, 2016
No Kikasi? (i definetly spelt that wrong) Why does everyone hate him I always liked his character yeah he was a bit careless but he was never cruel and was funny too
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Nov 01, 2016
Sunawhich? (Hehe) I wonder if it tastes good! 😆 oh gosh I'm lame.
Elements1999 Elements1999 May 24, 2016
Can you please share the link to the YouTube video please. I can't funds it on YouTube (mostly because I don't know the name of the video) and I really wanna like it (and use it to ignore people at school)
Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Jun 08, 2016
I thought that said sandwich! XD Help me! Well, you already did help me build my house on memories.