Deck of Cards ( A Kaitou Joker Love Story) (Reader X Various)

Deck of Cards ( A Kaitou Joker Love Story) (Reader X Various)

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DERPY NEKO!!!! By nekogirl2002 Updated Dec 17, 2017

(Y/N) is just your average freshman girl.
Well, if you call having prophetic dreams and being claimed a computer genius. 
The day was supposed to be like any other: Hanging out with her best friend Bold and hacking into buildings to watch Kaitou Joker steal another treasure.

But everything turns upside down when she sees that someone sets up a trap that goes too far! She goes and saves Joker but at a price. 
Now she goes on adventures with Joker and his friends! Learning things she would never learn sitting in a classroom. That's not all, she begins to realize that she's not such a regular girl after all!

Go on an adventure with (Y/N) as she learns more about herself and falls in love with Phantom Thieves!

I do not own Kaitou Joker, that pleasure goes to Hideyasu Takahashi.
I also do not own Bold, she is @boldwriter4 character! Please follow her!

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