"Takashi's Type" Host ~ Takashi x Reader / Mori x Reader

"Takashi's Type" Host ~ Takashi x Reader / Mori x Reader

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~A Takashi/Mori x Reader~
         You are Hitoshi Y/l/n, a girl with a boy's name. It means Tolerant. Who knew your Dad would have picked the most befitting name for you. No one but you knows how much you have tolerated while under his roof. It's O.K. though. Now you're in school. You even joined a club. You've moved on. You've made friends, and you've gotten pretty close to some of them....~

(By the way, you don't get to choose your first name because like... Let's say your name was Tiffany. That wouldn't work, as it is a girl's name. For this story at least, I'm sure in another way it could be used. You would get weird looks and the teachers reading off of their fancy shmancy lists would confuse you as a girl. Hitoshi is indeed a Boy's Japanese name, so you get to choose your Last Name so that you have some power over Hitoshi xD.)

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Is Eden a masculine name? Cause people have gotten confused by that.
i want it but
                              god had to create 
                              DISEASES AND ALLERGIES
                              so i must politely decline
It's weird being call by my last name without Miss infront of it.
FandomFanGirl4life FandomFanGirl4life Sep 13, 2016
I'm adopted by this sweet, caring man...why can I not call him my dad yet? Plot...
_Burrbo _Burrbo Feb 28, 2016
Do we have to have the name Hitoshi or is that just a thing so they think your a boy?
3llaSaur 3llaSaur Jan 12
I have short brown hair like haruhi lol and a would NEVER were a dress by choice only if it was absolutely mandatory