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THE SWITCH (A Short KaiSoo Fanfiction)

THE SWITCH (A Short KaiSoo Fanfiction)

10.9K Reads 540 Votes 6 Part Story
KaiSoo Addicted By KaiSooAddicted Completed

Both of them are charming. Some people say handsome. Some others say cute or adorable. Both of them are loved by everyone. And all the students in school were head over heels for them; boys and girls.

When they say they hate each other, they mean it. When they glare at each other, they mean it. Both wish each other's death.

What if one normal day turns into the worst day in Do Kyungsoo's perfect life, a day that makes the rest of his life a living hell?

What if he wakes up one morning to find himself in the body of the person he despises the most? Will that solve problems? Or make them worse?


Poster Credit to:   ∞ Infinite Possibilities ∞ ║ A Graphics & One-Shot Request Shop ║ (TDW_LAW)   from

That moment you realize your life is a lot like the characters life just without the fighting
plushiicorn plushiicorn Feb 10
Come in... 
                               #overdosed #with #overdose
lost-angles lost-angles Jan 01, 2016
Ugh my life is also boring kyungie and your eyes are freaking cute
crystallurvesft crystallurvesft Dec 21, 2015
When I saw Mrs Jeon I was like 'I really hope I will be called that in the future but its pretty impossible' cause Jungkook has like 203732847 fans and I 'm only one of them
baekfast baekfast Oct 11, 2015
My life literally. I do have friends but they have their own preferable friends,  also my bestfriend.. even tho i still feel really lonely but i think i like it rather being surronded by wrong people.
-teamsolangelo -teamsolangelo Jun 28, 2015
Ooh, sounds amazing already! Good luck with this! 화이팅!