Killjoys Never Die

Killjoys Never Die

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[[ Doctor Death Defying's voice crackled over the radio, "That ball of burning gas in the sky's come to laugh at us again. Time for another day of fighting the radiation and pushing back the corporation. All you killjoys listen up out there, cuz this is true as the sky is blue! The zones are gonna be clappin today but you'll send em packin! Keep your radios rockin and your motors rollin cuz this'll be one shiny ride!" ]]

Clockwork Candy lives in the zones with the notorious Doctor Death Defying, itching to join the Killjoy cause in action but being held back for certain reasons. When a young girl named Gracie crashes into the Killjoys and Candy's lives it will end up turning everything on it's head. 
In the universe from Danger Days album from My Chemical Romance, this story takes place before Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) and also after Sing. Find out how Gracie bonds with the boys and also what happens after a devastating rescue mission to save this precious girl in this fanfiction using new characters created by the author.


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