John Redford is an attractive, wealthy, lawyer. Addicted to sex, pain, and control, John meets Elizabeth King when she applies to be his secretary. When she messes up, which she does, she must be punished. Harshly. They begin an affair and John sees it as yet another opportunity to push someone past their limits. He beats her, controls her, dresses her, bathes her, makes love to her, cares for her, does everything for her. What can I make this woman do? How far will I get her to go before she says no? Worship. Need. Dependence. He wants her to feel these things for him, which she does. But as their affair progresses, John realizes he loves her... But will it be too late?
WARNING: Contains strong depictions of sadomasochism.

  • kimbasinger
  • mature
  • mickeyrourke
  • romance
  • sadomasochism
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theblackgarage theblackgarage Jun 21, 2016
Yasis 🔥🔥Mickey Rourke looked hot when he was young 😭😍
DeeSenter DeeSenter Jan 08
I didn't know you had already started rewriting his point of view Loved it! 😀