An Outsider (Gon x Reader x Killua x Kurapika)

An Outsider (Gon x Reader x Killua x Kurapika)

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Zyra_Rochelle By MagicInfinity Updated Jun 29

There was a Girl named Y/N.
That was living Outside the world where Undiscovered Species are living.
One day a Man told her to Go "Inside" the world and become a Hunter, which she does.
And that's where she will Encounter Three Boys that will change her life Forever. 

And That's where her journey Begins.


Thank you for the editor of the cover of this STORY!! > ♡ < 

A/N: This story was made when I was still in junior high. It is full of grammatical errors and reaally really cringey. But I can assure you that this story is pretty interesting! I'll be doing some editing after I complete this.

Oh Ging you're the best father in the whole world and that why were here to award you because of your work of art called I abandoned my son and now I push kids of trees. You are awarded the kids award. * very loud applause
Son: "Daddy, how did you meet mommy?"
                              Gon: "Well son, about 14 years ago, a little girl fell from the sky, and that's how I met your mother."
                              Son: "... Wut?"
                              Reader: "*nods head in agreement*"
me: "what, have you never seen a beautiful angel fall from the sky?"
                              no just me? ok *hides in corner
*facepalm while right twitching* Everybody do the flop *falls down on stomach*
Ging explain your self.
                              Why are you spending more time with an underage girl then your own son? HMMMMM?!
                              SO THAT MEANS THAT GING IS IN HEAVEN?!