The alpha's baby sister

The alpha's baby sister

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Emily Lauren By thealpharogue Updated Jun 21, 2016

Being the alphas baby sister kept me in the shadows. My parents died when I was a baby, leaving my older brother Oliver to take care of me. Since I was born into the alpha bloodline my brother had to take the position of alpha. My brother did his best and gave me everything, but the death of our parents (who was murdered) made Oliver protective over his little sister. And when Connor warren, the alpha of the nightwalker pack, pays a visit to Oliver's pack, the lycan pack, he'll find out the little sister who's been kept in the shadows her whole life is his mate. But he'll have to go through her brother first. and is there more than what meets the eye to Connor? 


this isn't a love story of such but it has one in it, the story is not what you would expect. so if you like geeky badass girl who spends most of her days eating and binge watching netflix go on an adventure to save the wolf world the please do read!

normansbooty normansbooty Mar 13, 2016
I actually am like this girl, I'm obsessed with zombies and killing them and try too be prepared for an apocalypse. Really good chapter !
Xx_ChloeLuvsU_xX Xx_ChloeLuvsU_xX Feb 21, 2016
when I saw "GO TO SLEEP" I said You shouldn't have done that without looking at the screen
Supimawesome07 Supimawesome07 Jan 17, 2016
Awesome book so far but you should put some spaces a little bit more it gets kinda hard to read.... But keep up the great work! 🙂
Princesstae14 Princesstae14 Jan 02, 2016
I like it so far but u should probably have shorter passages
morganlollipops morganlollipops Sep 23, 2015
First FoB then mayday parade and now mcr!!! I love Ali's choice of music and this book!!!!!!