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EmbracingYou By EmbracingYou Updated Nov 19, 2016

Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. 

Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons in the new age, created with similar a DNA structure as animals.

Raised in isolation with no one but her Handler she soon discovers that she is the only female that survived. 

Now she is the only female among three fully grown males, 

And she has to fight for her rank in the pack.

Anyssasbooks_ Anyssasbooks_ Mar 30, 2016
I just started reading this and I'm very interested so far :)
MeghanSheila MeghanSheila Jun 01, 2016
Wow. So far this story is already better written than some actual, physical books that I've read. You have a real talent! 😀
annarsiitonen annarsiitonen Dec 24, 2016
Woah, this is amazing! Are you a professional writer by chance?
secretagent4u secretagent4u a day ago
I love it. It's very well written, has hooked me already, and has, so far, no spelling or grammatical errors. From what I've read, you're doing extraordinary.
--TESS-- --TESS-- Nov 17, 2016
Amition? Lack of morals? Are you a Slytherin by any chance, sir?