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ON HOLD | Wicca [Diabolik Lovers / DiaLovers Fanfiction]

ON HOLD | Wicca [Diabolik Lovers / DiaLovers Fanfiction]

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Kawai Pam 💋 By PMDO_Pamx Updated Oct 25, 2016

First of all, special thanks to @BalladPhoenix for the gorgeous cover!! :) I just love it so much~


I tried my best to rewrite this, unfortunately this is the best I got. Also, may contain a few mistakes. I warned you though. 

- Kawai Pam-Sama ✌️

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What are dreams?

Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

Well, is it possible for a person to actually get a wound or two in their dream and wake up with them on their skin on the very same spot where you left off in your dream? It was like that for Alice Albert. Recording everything what happened in her dreams in a notebook. It was the only thing she could do in her room, and probably what she will ever do for the rest of her life.

Her doctor though has bigger plans for her.

He brings her to his summer estate, to see if a change of scenery, along with making her live with his sons and a certain sacrificial bride, would change all of the outcome of her dreams. But is that all he has planned for her? Or will there be secrets within the very walls of his mansion?

Thanksforthecoffee Thanksforthecoffee Apr 25, 2016
I really love the fact that you use Noblesse in this like it's such a wonderful web series