The Nerd's Got Game

The Nerd's Got Game

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"You're a Virgin?" I couldn't help but chuckle, Mr bad boy who has girls go after him where ever he goes is a virgin, how?

"So what? It's not like you're not." Ryan scoffed. I just stayed silent with a smirk forming on my face. His expression dropped. "You're not a virgin?" He squeaked and laughing I shook my head.

"Never judge a book by its cover Ry, I'm the low key slut. I'm the nerd that no one will dare say they slept with when they have." I chuckled. "See, you're the big bad boy and I'm supposedly the shy unpopular nerd. Who would people think was the Virgin hmm?" I questioned him.

"Have sex with me." Ryan blurted suddenly making my eyes widen. Only briefly though as I said. "Seduce me."


Mia the nerd and undercover slut has just got stuck with tutoring bad boy Ryan in history, English and science when Ryan finds out about Mia's true colours he wants more than just intellectual lessons. He wants physical ones. How is this going to work out though when she's also sleeping with his best friend and a teacher?

imjusmessin imjusmessin Dec 09, 2016
So what if she uses a condom
                              Wow, i can REALLY see why there call her a nerd
6th form despite what it sounds isn't a form it's a 2 year group which do a levels. And are 16-17 year olds
sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Dec 09, 2016
Lowkey slut..? I feel so honored to have someone write a story about me
imjusmessin imjusmessin Dec 09, 2016
I bet if i read my sisters diary, this this what i would see
-LightandDark- -LightandDark- 6 days ago
Ummm.....this is not strip tease time so.....What The Hell is She doing?!?
sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Dec 09, 2016
Im trying so hard not to judge but...come on...its your teacher