Attack on titan (Annie's sister) different life's

Attack on titan (Annie's sister) different life's

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Akame_hirome16 By Akame_hirome16 Updated Oct 06, 2017

Annie has a sister named Anna, Anna lived with her mother in the under ground and Annie lived with her father on the top ground.

Levi x Anna. In the story I will tell you Annie and Anna's past story in little part's I hope you like it so ya.

-I do not own attack on Titan only the charters I make.

-warning if you do not like swearing or any sexual contact do not read any of my stories if you don't like my store then don't read. You can't say I didn't warn you.

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Driabi Driabi Sep 07, 2017
Yo eyebrows is so underrated. Like I like Levi he's way up there on a character list but NO ONE CAN HATE THE EYEBROW LORD
Isn't she a little under aged to be joining the military! Shame on you Erwin! Shame on you!
I see why she hates the military pleice but Why Erwin oh yah he made her join under aged...
XxxKxeraxxX XxxKxeraxxX Aug 24, 2017
Erwin is like my tenth fav character
                              But I hate when he smiled when Hanji said titans are humans
                              That shitu was creepy
My friends name is Madison. She never told me she had a daughter. (We are both twelve)
Ravenous_Omega1 Ravenous_Omega1 Oct 07, 2017
I'm gonna go through here and correct all mistakes, sorry if it's annoying.
                              It's does not dose.