Jerk, Sophomore, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader)

Jerk, Sophomore, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader)

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A/N: this story is so AU that the line separating an American and British lifestyle doesn't exist. I mean, come on. In some point of the story I put an Italian person in the story. And an Australian. And many Americans. 
I'm American myself so let me tell you this; if you have any type of confusion, just comment a question and I'll try my best to answer. 
It's pretty confusing... but it's worth the risk. **

You've known Daniel James Howell since middle school. Jerk, Jerk, Jerk. He joked about the way you stood, the way you looked, and questioned your style. Wanna learn to skate board? Jokes. Wanna wear a dress? Tease. From Sixth Grade to now. High School. And here he is... looking cute as ever. You suddenly want to act, however. Do drama. You think it'll be fun and active. Something to do in your spare time. But when you see that Dan wants to do the same thing? How are you going to survive with this a-hole? How do you act around each other now?

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BoopiiSnoop BoopiiSnoop 5 days ago
Lol, my full name is Sirikit Latin Charlotte Langvann Jenssen 😂
_doot_howell_ _doot_howell_ 12 hours ago
I'm Dan Howell and my ego is bigger than my dick 
SeptixeyeSam SeptixeyeSam 2 days ago
Literally my old SS teacher when my best friend (his name is Gabe) and I when we went back to see her
Heyyy_itsSarah Heyyy_itsSarah 17 hours ago
"Bc cool guys click and point don't they? Jesus Christ"
                              - the very words of The Meme King
Heyyy_itsSarah Heyyy_itsSarah 18 hours ago
Better guess, she's the antagonist of the story and is going to my life hell
He such a,,,,arse
                              get it?
                              Cause arse is your butt haha I'm so funny 😥😥