The Reject and A Baby

The Reject and A Baby

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NiGhT_hOwLeR1243 By NiGhT_hOwLeR1243 Updated Aug 03

Meet Kylie she was a nobody and she was okay with that. But that all changed when her parents died in a rouge attack. Everyone blamed Kylie even her older brother, she was forced to live in the cold, dusty, attic. She was abused on a daily basis and made an omega. Fast Forward to her 16th birthday, Ten years later when she shifts for the first time and finds her mate, she thought it was an end to all the abuse, a safe haven. Things got a little heated and they mated. The next morning she wakes up alone and goes to find her mate, only to see him making out with the pack slut. He rejects her and she decides to run away.

     3 years later Kylie returns with a little surprise for everyone.

 Copyright meaning, steal my work and I will hunt you down.

*Not to be confused with other works, and I do apologize if it is somewhat similar*

  • alpha
  • baby
  • daughter
  • luna
  • mate
  • mature
  • reject
  • return
  • runaway
  • surprise
  • violence

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