My Underwater Boy (boyxboy)

My Underwater Boy (boyxboy)

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steffi5000 By steffi5000 Updated Sep 30

Ashton is a guy who love for the sea grew after his near drowning experience when he was young. There is also another reason he loved the seas and ocean but he cant remember why, all he knows is that the new transfer student has something to do with it. And what's this feeling in his chest every time he looks his way.

Ashley is a merman and one the children of Poseidon, God of all the seas and ocean. Falling in love with a human is considered taboo at home but he does anyway. When tragedy struck on his love his father makes him a deal that can either make his love grow or shatter it into pieces.

Find out how they both conquer there deals and struggle for the one thing that matters most to them. Love.
(description sucks I know)

Omg I'm a terrible person! I thought of this in a dirty way so now I'm trying not to wake up my family from laughing too loud.
SnowRed22 SnowRed22 Mar 14
Found this book and it's amazing!!! Love the chapters and also really like that they are pretty long:3 reallllllly like !!!!!  Can't wait for the next update
This is really good so far and I hope that you continue with the story.
Its good but the only problem I have for it is that there is no serparation to indicate the next paragraph