My Underwater Boy (boyxboy)

My Underwater Boy (boyxboy)

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PurpleAnimeLover By PurpleAnimeLover Updated Jun 20

Ashton is a guy who despite being a tyrant, always'd loved the sea. There is also another reason he alway'd loved them but recently he couldn't seem to remember why. When he wakes up to the sight of a boy wearing his clothe, feelings he thought he would never feel again returns. If only he knew meeting this boy would bring him into a world completely unknown to him and to learn more about the thing he loved most.

Ashley is a merman and one the children of Poseidon, God of all the seas and oceans. Falling in love with a human is considered taboo at home but he does anyway. When tragedy struck on the love of his life during a storm his father makes him a deal that can either make his love grow or shatter it into pieces.

Find out how these two different people go through the toughest time to finding what was lost to gaining something back AND to entering in a world no one thought existed.
(description sucks I know)

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star428girl star428girl Oct 24
I love ur cover too.  ! , and the two boys look finnnne.  ! LOL. * laughs *
MaLynn__ MaLynn__ Jul 29
I was wondering if he was still five because he talks better than me and I'm about to be 14
200492a 200492a Jun 12
Can he still drink water tho? This is wy these kind of movies/books confuse me. :/
sdanied961 sdanied961 Aug 22
His dad's kind of a dick. " You're human for two months, and need to get a boy who for got you to fall in love with you. If  you get wet you'll reveal a secret you have to keep or else the deals off . Also he has to kiss you. Good Luck!"
'No clothes on Thank you Daddy!" I'm sorry that just sounded wrong! XD
supernaturalreader21 supernaturalreader21 Jan 18, 2016
This is really good so far and I hope that you continue with the story.