My Everything | Cube Smp Fanfiction

My Everything | Cube Smp Fanfiction

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The Cube Smp fanfiction

 [Book 1/3]

(A/N: if things don't add up in real life just ignore, it, for example where people live, it won't always be accurate so just go along with it).


"Then I cracked open my box, someone must of picked the lock, a little light revealed the spot where my fingernails had fought-" another song lmao do you know that one XD (that one link reminded me of it lol and it's a serious moment oml)
I'm actually not joking you are a very good writer and I love your stories :O
Foxthecat Foxthecat Dec 15, 2015
I bet you she's going to move in next to Rusher without knowing. When she goes to meet the neighbors, boom there he is. Idk if that's right... I'm just guessing bc I've seen that in so many fanfics #firsttimereader
addibear8 addibear8 Nov 09, 2015
I personally think the cool kids are in Australia and Canada. I don't like living in America :/