The Senju and The Uchiha (A Tobirama Senju Lovestory)

The Senju and The Uchiha (A Tobirama Senju Lovestory)

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Nakashima Kuchiki By Lady-Writes-A-Lot Completed

(Narrated by Tobirama Senju)

"Not another Uchiha!" I thought.

Hashirama Nii-San had a sappy grin on his face. "Come on, Tobirama! Shake her hand."

I didn't want to. She was an Uchiha. To be honest, I was suddenly starting to feel...strange.

And you're gonna like it,.. 😏with the uchiha girl 😏 some things such as ... You know... 😏😏
icequeen159 icequeen159 Jul 11
Every teenager in the world has probably done this at some point
Oh believe me you're gonna do better things than that later. 😏
😕 but he was hating he just a sec there, he even stomped outside and told her to leave. So why the sudden change?.... Well that escalated quickly 😕
icequeen159 icequeen159 Jul 11
Oh ya I can hear her thoughts now "omg I was touched by a senju😫" lol
But he's a ninja... Why would he bother if his clothea are of a matching colour or not. And that too tobirama, the future second hokage(in this timeline) and the right hand man of hashirama senju. He wouldn't bother.